Rerun & Stripe

Important: Updating Customer Information

IMPORTANT: Updating your customers’ contact or payment information If you need to update your customers’ contact and payment information, such as an expiration date or email address, you will need to make these changes to the customer in Rerun. Rerun will pass the new information through the API to Stripe...

Exceeding Limits

If you exceed your monthly transaction limit, we will not pause your account. Rerun will automatically move you into the next transaction bracket for the following month. For example, if you are in the plan with a transaction limit of 75, but process 79 transactions, we will move you from...

Payment Method Support

We currently only accept credit and debit cards through our API with Stripe; no ACH or Bitcoin.

Stripe Support

For any reason, if you need to get in touch with Stripe about your account, please email their support at or reach out to their live chat via

Issuing Credits or Refunds

To issue a credit, go to the Customer tab, select the customer you are looking to refund, and look for the payment in the Payment History. Once you find the transaction you are looking to refund, click on the three orange dots, select Credit from the drop down, and type...

Transaction Costs

The transaction cost will be shown within your Stripe dashboard. To view this, log into your Stripe account, go to the Payments tab, and search for the transaction you are looking for. You’ll see a processing fee associated with each payment amount.


Stripe takes out the processing fee before it deposits the net amount into your bank account. The best way to reconcile your transactions in your accounting software is to sync the full transaction amount from Rerun, and then add in your processing fees so it nets out to the amount...

Refund Fees

When you refund a transaction, the fees you paid to process the charge are also returned to you. That is, after charging and then completely refunding a payment, the net cost is zero. If you partially refund a charge, Stripe returns the pro-rated portion of the percentage cost—Stripe does not...

Refund Timeframe

Stripe will submit any refund you make to your customer's bank immediately. Your customer will then receive the funds from a refund in their account in approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. To read more about refunds, please visit:

Cancel Account

To cancel your Rerun account, please fill out this form, or click on "Cancel Account" from the top right drop-down within your Rerun account. We will cancel your Rerun account so that you are no longer being charged for our service with Stripe. To cancel your Stripe account, you will...