What happens after I sign up for a trial or a live account?

Once you sign up for either a trial or live account, you’ll receive an email from us to confirm your Rerun account. For a trial account, we are only confirming that your email address is valid and, once confirmed; you are able to quickly begin using Rerun.

For a live account, we are confirming your identity and bank account information. Please follow the steps below:

If you have not received your credentials after 2 to 3 business days, please send us an email.

  • Confirm your email address (immediately upon signup): Confirm your email address and Rerun account by clicking the URL provided in your email.
  • Confirm your bank account (+1 to 2 Business Days): Forte will send three test transactions to the bank account you specified (during signup). You will receive an email with an authenticateme.com link, please click on the link and confirm the three test transactions.
  • Receive your Processing Credentials (+1 Business Day): You will receive your payment processing credentials after you confirm your banking information. Your credentials will be sent via email, and for security purposes, your password will be sent in a separate, but similar, email. If you do not receive these credentials, please first check your SPAM filter and then contact the Rerun Customer Care team at 877.919.2890.