Add Logo to Email

You can add your own logo to the Emails you send out to your customers. The System Templates have basic emails with and without a placeholder to add your logo. If you are creating your own template, you can also add your logo.

To do so, choose the template you wish to use.
1) Then either click the "Place Your Logo Here" box (1),  or click on the email your are creating at the spot where you wish your logo to appear.   Then click the Insert/edit image icon (2).

2) Then click the icon to the right of the source line.

3) Next the image manager is displayed.
    If your logo is already displayed here, then skip to step 7.
    Otherwise, click the "Upload" button.

4) Hover your mouse arrow over and double click on  "Drop files here to upload"

5) This will display the window where you can browse for your logo.  When you find the logo you wish to use, click on the logo (a), and then "open" (b).

6) This returns you to the Image Manager.  You will see your logo displayed.  Click on the "Return to files list" button.

7) The image manager now displays all images.   Click on the logo you wish to add to your email.

8) You are returned to the Inset/edit image window.
The Source for the image you have selected is displayed in the Source field.
Click "OK" and the logo will be added to your email template.

After finishing any modifications to your email template, Do Not forget to press "Save".