Create Templates

Create/Customizing Your Own Templates

With Rerun, you can create plain-text and HTML emails. Rerun also offers a free template library full of emails for you to use and/or modify. To access these email templates, go to the Email tab and click on the “Get More” button at the bottom left of your Rerun screen. To add a template from the library to your Rerun account, find the email you wish to add and click “Add To My Templates”. 

To create a new template:

  1. Go to the Email tab > Compose Email window. 
  2. Type the body of the email message in the box, or add HTML by clicking the HTML button in the email toolbar.
  3. You can include merge tags by clicking the Add Merge Tags button at the bottom of the email.
  4. Indicate a Subject for the email, which will become the template name.
  5. Click the Save button when finished, or Save & Send to save the template and send it now.