Payment Status Meaning

The following are the meanings of the status of your payments.
  • Approved - payment has successfully been processed by Rerun.
  • Account Not Approved - this indicates that the payment failed.  Will need to have the customer update the payment method information and then Retry the transaction.
  • Open - this shows that you are using the Invoicing option and that your customer has not yet signed into their "My Account" page to pay the invoice.
    •  Options here are to:
      • Process the payment - if you have payment method entered on the customer card, you can select this option to complete the transaction.
      • Resend the invoice - send the invoice again to the customer as a reminder to pay.
      • Mark as paid - If you received payment outside of Rerun, then you can mark this paid.  Please Note: If you mark the transaction as "Paid", this will not sync to any 3rd party accounting software you may have integrated with Rerun. You will need to add that  transaction manually in the Accounting Software.
      • Delete - if you wish to remove it from Rerun. You may need to process this transaction in another way.