Checkout Tab

The Rerun Checkout tab contains information related to the Rerun Checkout feature which allows you to create a hosted web page that you can link to from your website. Your customers will then be able to sign up for Streams or make One-Time Payments for your services.

In the initial tab you will see three sections:

  • Adding a Rerun Checkout page or button to your website
  • Checkout Page Information
  • Notifications

Adding a Rerun Checkout Page or Button to Your Website

This section just contains a little basic information about how Rerun Checkout works and some helpful links. 

Checkout Page Information

This section contains the URL for your Rerun Checkout page. You can link to this URL from your website to allow your customers to sign up for any of your available services.

You also have the option of making Rerun Checkout active or inactive depending on your needs. You can click Edit to set up Rerun Checkout and customize your customer's experience. For instructions on setting up Rerun Checkout please see this page.


The last section of this tab gives you the option of setting up email notification when customers are added to a Stream or make a one-time payment. You can also choose the text to display when a customer visits your page and it is inactive. If you choose to set nothing, visitors will see this message "Merchant checkout status is inactive" displayed.