Activity Tab

Clicking on the Activity tab will allow you to view all available reporting for your Rerun account. You can customize your report based on your business needs by adding columns, print the report directly from Rerun, or you can export your reports to Microsoft® Excel for further editing or analyzing.

You can view reports by Payments, Customers, or Invoice. See below for detail on each reporting option.

By Payments:
  • Payment Detail - Based on your most recent payment transactions.
  • By Stream - By payment stream.
  • By Customer - Lists out all of your customers and their assigned payment streams.
  • By Item - Shows all of your items, items base price, and total payments made towards that item.
  • By Salesperson - Will list all salespersons, and the number of payments and total payment amount they have received.
  • By Group - Breaks down reporting by your customer groups, if any.
  • Projections - Will show which payment streams have upcoming payments and the total amount. (Please note: Unfortunately, variable payment streams can not be projected.)

‚ÄčBy Customers:

  • Credit Cards - Lists out your customers, their customer # and their payment information (CC and ACH).
  • Email - Reporting option that will allow you to see all emails you've sent to your customers.
  • Checkout Registrations - Lists all of your customers that have gone through your checkout process, which payment stream they selected, and their subscription date of when they signed up.

By Invoices:
  • By Invoice - Lists each invoice for each customer
  • By Customer - Lists each customer, their open/paid amounts, and total by payment stream
  • By Stream - Lists by payment stream open, paid, and total amounts
 If you're looking to add in a specific column, such as "Number of Payments" or "Sales Tax", you can add in columns for each of the reports by clicking on the blue "Add Column" icon above the report next to red "Print" icon and the green "Export" icon.  Rerun allows a maximum of 8 columns in any report.

Please Note: When exporting a file, it will be a .xls extension, but is in text format.

There is now an Updated "Filter" option where you can select the specific dates for your report(s).  To use, just click on "Filter".  This will then display a From and To date option.  Fill in your dates and click "Apply".  Once finished with that date range, click on "Filter" again and "Clear" to remove the date range.