Email Tab

There are two sections in the Email tab - Compose Email and Automation. You can use the Compose section to create and send new emails and/or save email templates. The Automation tab allows you to schedule emails based on different trigger events.

Compose Email

Under the Compose Email section you can create new emails to send directly, add templates from our templates library, customize our templates to your liking and also create your own new templates.


You can create scheduled emails by clicking on the Automation tab, creating a Campaign, choosing an event, a template, and your target group. All emails will be sent in real-time when the event happens.

The Automated Email Campaign for the event: Payment Unsuccessfully Processed, will only execute once—the first time. If you attempt to retry the transaction and it fails, no email will be sent.  

For further information about emails, please visit the Email Template and Email Automation sections.