Customer Tab

The entire customer list will be displayed on the left-hand edge of the window. Click once to highlight a customer in this list, and that customer's information will be displayed in the center of the Customer window when the Contact Information tab is selected. Click the (edit) button next to the Contact Info heading to edit and update a record.

Different tabs within the Customer tab:

Your customer list can be imported from your Xero, QuickBooks Online or AccountEdge file, and you can manually add customers by clicking on the green add (plus) button at the top of the customer list.

If the Groups icon is selected (lower left-hand corner of the window), the Groups list will be displayed in the left-hand edge of the window, moving the customer list one column to the right.

Groups, which are created by clicking the add (plus) button at the bottom of the Groups column, are collections of customers. A Group entity can be the recipient of email, making it easy to communicate with customers associated by a Payment Stream. A customer list can be imported into a Group, or a list can be created by exporting from a Group.

To add a customer to a Group, simply drag the customer's name from the customer list, and drop it on top of the Group name.

  • Payment Activity: This tab will display the payment history and the payment streams associated with this customer.
  • Email History: This tab will display the email subject, sent date, and the recipient email address of emails sent to this customer.
  • Payment Method: This tab will allow you to update a customer's billing address as well as payment method information such as credit card expiration date.
  • Notes: This tab allows you to add notes to the customer record.

If you integrate Rerun with your accounting software, the customer cards created in Rerun are synced with your accounting software company file.