Add Items

There are two ways to add items to your Rerun account. You can either create items as you create your payment streams, or you can create them in the Settings tab. Items can also be imported from your accounting software. You can read more about this in the integration section.

On the Settings > Item List tab, you will need to enter in your item name and price, and click Add to save them within your Rerun account. These items will be searchable when you create a payment stream so that you can apply them to the streams. You can also create items as you create your payment streams.

To create or search for an item, go to the Payments tab and click on Create a Payment Stream at the bottom. You'll see a section called Items on the right-hand side of your payment stream. Search for your items to the payment stream here, or click "Create New Item" to add new items to your payment stream. All items created will be saved for future use on other payment streams.