ACH (Bank Transfers) Payments

All U.S.-based Rerun merchants using our Forte plan can process bank transfers/ACH (eCheck) payments through their Rerun account. Please note: This does not apply to Stripe customers. As a Rerun merchant, you can decide whether to accept customer payments made by either by credit card and/or ACH/bank transfers:

  • For ACH, you will need the following details from your customer:
    • Bank Routing number
    • Account type
    • Account number
    • Account holder name

When Payment Streams are processed, the following occurs:

  • Rerun will post a withdrawal to the customers account
  • Rerun will initially indicate the payment is successful
  • For successful payments, your merchant account will be credited with funds within 4 days of original transaction posting
  • If payment fails, within two to four business days, you will receive email from Forte Payment Systems
    • Subject is: Returned Transaction Notification
    • Body is:
  • Two retries are permitted (no more than two retries) with the same Bank and Account numbers, if initial payment fails