Set Up Checkout

Once your Rerun account is live and you have your payment processing credentials entered in, you will need the following information entered before you're able to setup the checkout feature:

  • Contact information - This is going to display on your webpage, if selected.
  • Items - Whether synced from a third party application or created within Rerun.
  • Payment Streams - Create the streams, i.e. plans, based on your business needs.

Setting Up Rerun Checkout

To setup Rerun Checkout you first need to go to the Checkout tab while logged in to your Rerun Administrator account.

At the bottom of this page you can choose to receive a notification to your email each time a customer signs up for a payment stream through your checkout process. You may also include an optional notification message for customers to see when your checkout process is inactive, such as, "Sorry, our website is down for maintenance. Please come back again later."

Above this section you need to click the "Edit" button. From here you will be able to go through each of the steps to setup Rerun Checkout:
  • Payment Streams
  • Customer Information
  • Confirmation
  • Payment Method
  • Acknowledgement
  • Styling

You can click the tabs on the left side or toggle through the pages by clicking the "Save"button on the bottom.


Payment Streams

This is the first tab you will see and it will display all the current streams setup in Rerun.

  • Page Title: The Page Title is going to be the title of this page where your customers would select a payment stream - we recommend you put something referring to the streams that will display below, such as "Select a Payment Plan".
  • Select Payment Streams: You can choose which streams to make available by changing the On/Off button to On. On is green and means that the stream is activated and will display on your checkout process.
  • Edit Payment Descriptions: You can edit the payment stream by clicking on the blue pencil icon. The stream will drop down with four options:
    • Button Label: This is what will display on the button. We recommend putting the price of the stream here.
    • Description: Describe what the payment stream contains so that your customers are aware of what they are purchasing.
    • Credit Card Surcharge: Include a surcharge for customers who decide to checkout using credit cards.
    • HTML Button Code: You may copy the HTML code for the specific Rerun stream to place on your website or in an email. Whenever a customer clicks on this button, it will automatically bring them to that specific payment stream, and they will not be shown the other streams available. (This does not apply to eChecks)
  • One-Time payment Options: This is an optional feature to allow customers the ability to select a one-time charge. You cannot set the amount. Click the add button to have this option available on your webpage.

Customer Information

Here you can decide how much or how little of your customers' information you want to accept.

  • Page Title: This will display at the top of the page. We recommend calling this "Your Account", so that the potential customer will know that they are signing up for a Rerun account within your instance.
  • Label Text: This is what will appear in the field when your customer goes to sign up. You can change this to whatever you'd like, or use our default label text.
  • Mandatory Fields: Those fields with the red asterisk* are mandatory for Rerun to accept and cannot be turned off. There are several fields which you can decide if they should be display and whether they should be mandatory or not (such as Country) 
  • Secondary Address: Need a shipping address for your services or products? Turn this section on.


This page will confirm your customers' order.

  • Page Title: We recommend you call this "Order Confirmation".
  • Order Summary: You have the option to include an order summary as an overview before the customer submits the order.
  • I Agree: You can create your own agreement terms for your customers to agree to. If you choose this, a customer will not be able to move forward without agreeing to the terms.
  • Confirmation Button Text: This is the button that will appear on the confirmation page under the terms. A customer will click this to move forward. We recommend putting "I Agree" or "Submit Order".

Payment Method

This is where your customers will put in their payment method.

  • Page Title: We recommend using "Payment Method", "Payment Type", or "Payment Information".
  • Accept Credit Cards: You can choose to accept Credit Cards by turning this field on by On. However, please note that all credit cards will show up. If you wish to not accept AMEX, please note that in the description box so that your customers know.
  • Accept ACH/Bank Transfer: Choose to accept ACH, otherwise known as bank transfers, as a method of payment instead of, or in addition to, credit cards.
  • Add Description: You can put your payment terms here, if applicable, or if you do not wish to accept a specific credit card, we encourage you to include that information here.


This is the thank you page. This is the final page your customer will see.

  • Page Title: This will be the last page your customer see's. We recommend titling this page as "Thank you for your order" or "Order successful".
  • Message Box: You can add a thank you message, or instructions on what to do next if more steps are required for your product or service.
  • Landing Page URL: *Optional. This is a redirect page where after the customer signs up for your product/service and is inactive for 5 seconds, you can have them redirected to your website or elsewhere.


This is the fun part. Design your page to your liking.

  • Page Title: This will be shown on all pages of your checkout process. We recommend putting your company name here if you are not uploading a logo.
  • My Account Label: 
  • Homepage URL: You can put in your website address here
  • Upload Image: You can choose to upload your logo. This will show up in the upper right-hand corner of the checkout process.
  • Header Color: This will change the top bar of your checkout process. If you are uploading a logo, we recommend using the "Quick View" button at the bottom to make sure the color doesn't clash with your logo.
  • Text Color: Change the text color of your company name or checkout title.
  • Company Details: Elect whether to display your company name, email address and/or contact number. This will show up underneath your checkout process on all pages.
  • Social Networks: Here you can add in your social networking URL's that will display in the bottom right of your checkout process.

Once you are finished, you can preview the page by clicking "Quick View", or click "Save".


Remember, you can use the "Quick View" button to preview any of your pages while you are editing them. To preview the entire checkout process, go to the "Checkout" tab and select the "Preview" button. If you are good to go, make sure your checkout process is set to "Active".