Creating Customer Login

Your customers can update their payment and contact information with Rerun logins. You can initialize a customer login by sending an email to your customer.

To give your customers logins:

  • Go to Email > Compose Email window
  • Enter the customers email address
  • Compose a message, including the merge tag: [Customer Login Link] and [Set Password Link]
  • Send the email

The login merge tag will expand to a web browser link and take the customer to a login page where they can sign in if they already have an account, or set up their email and password for the first time. Once they have created their login credentials and then logged in, the customer can change their password, contact information, payment information, and review their payment history.

In order to receive notifications when your customer updates their payment method information, make sure your settings are turned on for this feature. To turn this feature on, go to the following:
  • Go to the Settings tab > General
  • Place a check mark in box located next to "Notify me when customer updates payment method"
  • Click Save