Issue A Credit

IMPORTANT: This method applies only to those connected to Rerun on the flat-fee pricing plan. If you are connected to Stripe, please go to the Stripe FAQ's here.

We understand that discrepancies happen and credits need to be given. If you need to issue a credit to a customer, you can process this from the Rerun Customer's Contact Information page. To issue a credit, go to the Customers tab and follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the customer you are looking to issue a credit
  2. Once you have selected the customer, you'll notice three smaller icons located in the upper right of the customer window.
  3. Click on the middle red Credit icon to issue an immediate credit to the customer.

For convenience, there is also a blue One-time Payment icon button where you can enter an immediate one-time charge to the customer.

Note: Rerun credit transactions will not sync from Rerun to your accounting software if you are using AccountEdge or QuickBooks Online. If you are integrating with an accounting system, you will need to indicate that a credit was given to the customer by other means (e.g., Spend Money or Refund Payment transactions). Alternatively, you can issue a credit to a customer directly from your accounting software.