Payment Stream Types

Rerun allows you to select a stream type when you first create a payment stream. There are two different options to choose from:
  • Invoice Billing: Invoices will be automatically emailed to customers on the date(s) and frequency specified. Each invoice includes a Pay Now button and login credentials to a secure, hosted, My Account page where your customer can select which invoice(s) to pay.
  • Automatic Payments: Payments will be processed automatically on the date(s) and frequency specified.

Please Note: With invoice billing you will not be paid until the customer pays the invoice. Invoices marked as paid (such as someone who paid by check or cash) will not be synced into your accounting software. Deleted invoices will also not sync into your accounting software. Only invoices that are paid by credit card or ACH through Rerun will sync to your Accounting Software.

If a customer has a payment method associated with their account already and you wish to process a payment for an open invoice:
  1. Go to the Customer tab
  2. Click on the customer you are looking for
  3. Click on Payment Activity. You'll see a list of open invoices under Payment History
  4. Click on the more options button to the right of an invoice. This will allow you to see the details of an invoice, process a payment through Rerun, mark the invoice as paid, delete the invoice, or resend it

You can also do this on the Activity tab under Invoices, "By Invoice" report.