Integrating with AccountEdge

Establish a Dropbox Account
Create a Device
Link Rerun to Your Dropbox Account



Rerun-AccountEdge integration is facilitated through Dropbox. Dropbox ( provides a secure, cloud repository for file storage and data exchange. We use Dropbox technology to link AccountEdge with Rerun. Information is synchronized between your AccountEdge company file and Dropbox; it is then synchronized between Dropbox and Rerun. The information that is exchanged between Dropbox, your AccountEdge company file, and Rerun is limited and specific. Your company file is not copied to Dropbox, only the necessary information to process Rerun transactions will be exchanged. Therefore, your company file and its contents are secure because they never leave your machine.


When Rerun is integrated with your AccountEdge company file, you can sync all your customers cards, items that you sell, and sales tax codes to Rerun. For items to sync with Rerun, they must be check marked as I Sell only.


If you are using the merchant services of Forte Payment Systems (formally known as ACH Direct) through your AccountEdge company file, the customer credit card token information will be imported into Rerun, so you won't need to reenter your customers' payment information.


Establish a Dropbox Account

Before linking Rerun to your AccountEdge company file through Dropbox, you'll need to establish a Dropbox account. It is a free service that will provide you with 2 gigabytes of free storage. And, in addition to using Dropbox for AccountEdge-Rerun integration, you can use your Dropbox account as a general file repository (backup facility).

If necessary, you can acquire additional storage space from Dropbox.


To sign up for a Dropbox account:



Create a Device

After creating a Dropbox Account you need to link AccountEdge to Rerun. To do this, you need to create a Device in AccountEdge:

  • Select Setup > Rerun > Manage Rerun
  • Enter Dropbox account and password information
  • Click Link; a Dropbox authorization page will open in your web browser; authorize the linking of your company file
  • Once you have completed the Link process, select the Devices tab
  • Click the New button to create a new Device
  • When complete, select the Details tab and click the Sync button



Link Rerun to your Dropbox Account

After creating a device and linking AccountEdge to Rerun, we now need to link Rerun to AccountEdge. To do this:

  • In Rerun, Select AccountEdge from the Select Integration menu
  • Enter Device Name
  • Enter Dropbox credentials
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the browser window
  • When prompted check mark to update Rerun with information from your AccountEdge company file
  • When prompted, enter a default Income account for Payment Streams created in Rerun. The list was created from the list of income accounts from your company file.
  • Click the Submit button