Integrating with QuickBooks Online

When Rerun is linked with QuickBooks Online, you'll be able to sync Sales Receipts for every customer transaction done in Rerun. As a result, you will be able to generate reports on sales by customer, by item, as well as the collection and allocation of sales tax.

Setting up the Sync

In order to sync Rerun with QuickBooks Online, you'll need to perform the following steps in QuickBooks Online:

  • You can sign up for Rerun through the Intuit App Center. Search for Rerun in the marketplace to begin.
  • Click on “Get App Now” to get started. A pop-up will ask you to authorize the integration.
  • After you authorize Rerun with your QuickBooks Online account, you'll be alerted that you've successfully connected the two.
  • Log in to Rerun with your QuickBooks Online account. Click on "Sign in with Intuit" and sign in through the Intuit App Center.

You'll also need to perform the following steps in Rerun:

  • Navigate to the Sync page (Settings > Sync)
  • Select QuickBooks from the Integration with dropdown menu
  • Click the Connect to QuickBooks button
  • Sign in to your Intuit account
  • Select your QuickBooks Online file
  • Select an account for Income (the income of Rerun transactions will be posted to this income account)
  • Select a Vendor for Sales Tax collection
  • Sync line items individually, or click the Sync button in the lower, left-hand corner of the page

Records Synced Between QuickBooks and Rerun

During the syncing process, the following records are synced between Rerun and QuickBooks Online:

  • Receipts for Rerun recurring transactions are synced to QuickBooks Online
  • Customer card updates, including name, address, email address
  • Service and Sales Tax items are synced
  • Discount and SubTotal items are not exchanged between Rerun and QuickBooks Online
  • Customer Credit Card information is not exchanged between Rerun and QuickBooks Online



When updates are made to customer cards, either in Rerun or in QuickBooks Online, the updated records will be synced between both applications. If a customer card is updated in both Rerun and in QuickBooks Online, the update made in QuickBooks Online will take precedence.