Choosing Income Accounts

We understand the need to track where the revenue from your payment streams is posted in your accounting system. Tracking your revenue depends on which type of items you decide to use in your Payment Streams: Rerun Items, or Items synced from your accounting system. If you create your items in Rerun you’ll be able to assign one general ledger account to post revenue to, or you can import your items and the account used will be based on the item set up in your accounting system.


Using Rerun Items

After you set up your Rerun items, go to the Settings tab < Sync sub-tab. If you haven’t already, please connect to your accounting software of choice. After you’ve done that, or if you’re already connected, you’ll see that the first account you’ll be asked to select states, “Please select the Account where you'd like to record revenue for the Items created in Rerun”. This will drop down the list of accounts you have in your accounting system. You can choose where you want the revenue for those payments to go when you sync your transactions.

Using Your Imported Items

If you haven’t already imported your items, you can do so by going to the Setup Assistant in the top-right drop down.

From the Setup Assistant: On step 5, you may import you items from your accounting solution, but you’ll need to complete step 2 before being able to access this screen. Click on the import button to follow the steps.

Each of the items in your accounting system are configured to post revenue to a general ledger account you select. When you sync those items to Rerun and use them in your payment streams, they still keep their ties to that income account. When you process a payment through Rerun using your items from AccountEdge, QuickBooks Online, or Xero, Rerun will send a paid sales transaction using the items you selected. The general ledger account distribution is based on the item setup.

If you want revenue to post to different general ledger accounts, just reconfigure your items or add new ones and sync them back to Rerun.