The Setup Assistant

Upon the first time logging in a live user for Rerun, you'll be greeted with The Setup Assistant window. The Setup Assistant was designed to help you get set up and running in 9 easy steps. Below is a list of the steps to ensure that you are set up properly and to answer any questions you may have.


The Setup Assistant:

1. Processing Details: If you are using Rerun with Stripe, you will be asked to Connect with Stripe. Here you will follow the steps to integrate your account to Rerun. If you are not using Stripe, you will put your unique payment processing credentials here that come from Forte Payments after you've been approved. You'll need to enter these into Rerun in order to process real, live transactions. This information will come to you in two separate emails for security purposes, so please look out for both.

2. Integration: You can decide if you want to integrate with one of our third party accounting software. If you're not sure about this yet, you can also go to the Settings tab and click on the Sync tab.

3. Settings: You can choose when to be emailed, how many times to retry a failed transaction, and who you want your emails to come from.

4. Customers: You can import your customers from your accounting software*.

5. Items: You can import your items from your accounting software*.

6. Taxes: You can import your taxes from your accounting software*.

7. Email Templates: You can select if you want to use any of our free, pre-made templates. These will be imported to your Email Template Library. You can view them by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Email Automation: You can select if you want to use any of Email Automation Campaigns. You can edit these at anytime by going to the Email tab and clicking on the Automation tab.

9. Payment Streams:The last step will take you to create your first payment stream, if you haven't already created one. You can watch the tutorial video on how to create a payment stream if you are unsure. Click on the "Create Payment Stream" button when you're ready to begin.

The Setup Assistant can be accessed at anytime by clicking on the top right drop-down next to Welcome, your name. These steps can also be accessed on the Settings tab.

*You'll need to be integrated on Step 2, otherwise you'll receive an error when you select the Import button.