How Rerun Works


To process customer payments, Rerun executes Payment Streams.

A Payment Stream consists of one or more items (service, subscription, etc.), and one or more customers. The Payment Stream has a name, a type (automatic or invoicing), and a schedule (frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). The items have prices associated with them. Rerun will execute the Payment Stream according to its frequency, billing the Stream customers for the Stream items. Customers can be added and deleted from Streams at any time. Payment Streams can be paused and deleted at any time.

Once the Stream name, frequency and item(s) are saved in a Payment Stream, they cannot be changed. To change a stream name, add or delete items, or change its frequency, you'll need to create a new Payment Stream with the desired criteria, and delete the unwanted Stream.


Stream Email

Rerun does not by default, send notification email to you or your customers.

You can set a preference to be notified by email for failed transactions in the Settings tab.

You can create an Automated Email Campaign by clicking the Email tab (Email tab > Automation) to have Rerun automatically send an email to customers, optionally copying you, for events such as Payment Successfully Processed, Payment voided, Payment to be Processed in 14 days, etc.


Daily Process

Rerun affords you recurring billing in a simplified way. You can expect Rerun to execute your Payment Streams according to your criteria, and log into Rerun to quickly check the status of your Stream Payments and email notifications, from any location in the world where internet access is available. No other actions are necessary.

Rerun integrates with AccountEdge®, QuickBooks Online® and Xero accounting systems, providing the ability to exchange customer and item information and sales receipts.


You could enter your customer information and items list, then create payment streams, referencing the customers and items. Alternatively you could create a stream, adding customers and items as you go. Integrating and syncing with AccountEdge, QuickBooks Online, or Xero is optional, which will bring your customer and item lists into Rerun. Either way, configuration is straightforward and simple.


Payment Credentials

Rerun now provides the option to select either Forte or Stripe as the payment processor when you upgrade to a live account.  Forte will process Credit Cards and ACH transactions.  Stripe will only process Credit Card transaction, no ACH.

If you select Forte for a live account, you will receive your payment processing credentials from our payment processor, Forte Payments, in 1 to 2 business days. You will receive two separate emails: one with your merchant ID and API Login ID, and one with your secure transactions key and Payment Processing Password. This is for security purposes. Once you received your payment processing credentials, enter them into Rerun by going to the Setup Assistant in the top-right drop-down or by going to the Settings tab and select the Payment Credentials tab. Remember, you need these payment credentials saved into your Rerun account to begin processing live payments.

If you select Stripe, then you would go to the Settings tab, select the Payment Credentials tab, and link to your Stripe account.